Cash Generation

We work with you to improve cash forecasting and management, for growth and/or survival.

  • Review the scope of your cash flow challenges.
  • Work with you to uncover all weaknesses and threats.
  • Create internal and external communication plans to make sure all parties are kept fully informed.
  • Ensure that the bank is reconciled and accounts are up to date.
  • Limit and consolidate your outbound payments to simplify the cash flow management process.
  • Determine immediate cost saving opportunities within the business.
  • Communicate with the bank so they are on side.
  • Discuss bank facilities with bank manager such as increased overdraft or other lending possibilities.
  • Devise a new short term cash flow visibility plan so that decision makers can see the impact of their investment decisions in advance.
  • Review payments owed and strategize to accelerate inbound cash flow.
  • Review outbound payments to suppliers and devise strategy to ensure suppliers are kept happy and to limit outbound payments where possible.
  • Work to identify hidden or underperforming assets which can be monetized.