Director On Demand

When the CEO and the top leadership prosper, entire organization automatically succeeds with them. We provide director level service by work directly with the CEOs and leadership teams to address the personal, strategic, and organizational drivers influencing team dynamics and performance.
Straxecute helps clients to achieve success through an extensive portfolio of proven methods, practices, tools, methodologies, and assessments that are predictors of corporate success. Straxecute work to accelerate the development of needed capabilities and the effectiveness of senior leaders in the organization. Straxecute has tailored solutions for SME Owners based on years of research and working with SMEs. Our hands-on approach gives SME Owners simple tips and easy-to-use tools for running their businesses. You do not need to hire full time HR, Finance or IT directors and pay heavy salaries. Our business services deliver the same level of expert advice at a fraction of the cost.

Straxecute helps clients in enabling their leadership team to assess key structural and decision-making issues and navigate towards more effective governance, team collaboration and high performance culture.

  • We help our clients to achieve success by playing an active role with them during all the stages of achieving the desired result.
  • We work with Boards, advising them on how to optimize their overall effectiveness, committee effectiveness, and individual director effectiveness.
  • Working with CEOs, we help them to optimize leadership effectiveness, impact, and legacy.
  • Plan and execute a multi-generational management and transition program.
  • We help optimize performance through team composition, individual development, team dynamics, and management processes.
  • Our directors help executive teams to articulate a clear, ambitious, and compelling vision and business model for the organization as well as align roles with business strategies and operating structures.

Our research indicates that there are three key elements that influence organizational effectiveness:

  • Structure
  • Does the top management have the right mix of members?
  • Emphasis
  • Do the team members of the management have a shared focus on the organization’s strategy and capabilities?
  • Team Dynamics
  • Could directors and board members be working together more effectively?

Our Director On Demand Services Include:

  • Managing Director / CEO
  • Finance Director / CFO
  • Human Resource Director/CHRO
  • Sales & Marketing Director
  • Supply Chain Director
  • IT & Network Security Director