Financial Closings and Reporting

Todays’ Business owners, CEOs, & MDs need reliable, timely and relevant financial information to drive business growth in their particular industries. We understand that. That’s exactly why we bring them customized financial solutions tailored specifically for their business. Our flexible but focused approach brings clarity and simplicity in the C-Suite, breaking down complex financial models into common shareholder language. Through systematic financial closings every month, we keep the management updated with key data to make prudent and sound financial decisions.

  • Implement a comprehensive system of financial closings.
  • Train the finance team on reporting skills, build reporting tools and set specific timelines.
  • Develop and deploy industry specific KPIs in operational and financial areas of business.
  • Set up monthly management meetings to review progress towards targets.
  • Produce management report within 10 business days of the month end.
  • Educate managers about gross margin and profitability to help focus resource throughout the business to spend time on the things which lead to business growth.
  • Analyze trends within the business and within the market and move to more predictable and considered forecasting to avoid panic and fighting last minute fires.
  • Build Executive dashboards to give owners, MDs and other managers real time visibility into business performance.
  • Review and recommend business intelligence solutions to automate reporting.
  • Improve annual audit reports by including a detailed MD&A section.