Mission & Values Driven SME Culture

No company can reach its full potential without a concrete mission that defines the purpose of its existence, what it is aspiring to deliver, and where is it going. An effective mission statement gives people a clear sense of direction to profitability.

Straxecute gets the top team of its SME clients on one page by conducting 13 Executive Learning Sessions on Actionable Leadership usually organized over 5 days.

Our culture transformation consulting includes:

  • Mission Setting:
  • We help our clients to avoid the common “Mission Trap” that they can be all things to all people at all time. Leaders learn to balance the possible and impossible of a mission, make it real and simple that everyone can connect to. A thoughtful mission whose essence is captured in a short but power statement makes people feel that they are part of something big and important.
  • Creating a Vision for the Future:
  • Creating a vision of how future will feel like and what everyone’s going to get from the company success has an enormous impact on people. Vision creates excitement in employees as they constantly look to achieve new milestones.
  • Articulation of Values:
  • Values are the common beliefs and behaviors that define a company’s culture. Well-articulated and actionable values when defined collectively exhibited at all levels can be more powerful than any rules and policies in keeping the running the right way.
  • Mission & Values Communication:
  • Many leaders forget to communicate their Mission, Vision and Values to their team. They rarely talk about it or do it in a way that doesn’t excite anyone. Great CEOs and leaders master the art and science of consistently reminding their teams that they are part of something big and important. We train SME owners and leadership teams on how they can make communicating mission and values part of their daily routine.
  • Employees’ On-boarding & Commitment:
  • No mission is worth anything until all employees understand and commit to it. Purposeful on-boarding on the company mission, vision and values fosters a culture where people come with the passion to perform and deliver results. We help our clients organize training sessions where employees not only learn but also commit to performing and behaving in line with the company mission and values.
  • Connecting it to Performance & Results:
  • Successful companies deliver results by creating a culture of meritocracy. They not only reward performance but also the beliefs and behaviors behinds the performance to ensure that employees don’t compromise company values while executing their responsibilities. We architect an appraisal system for our clients that covers, scores, and analyzes key performance metrics as well as assesses behavioral attributes to drive a culture of differentiation.

Some key areas covered in the Actionable Leadership Program:

  • Powerful Mission Statements – Your Roadmap to Success.
  • How to Motivate Your Team with Mission and Values.
  • 5 Qualities of Great Leaders.
  • Creating a Culture of Performance.
  • Bottom Line Results with More Profits and Shareholder Wealth.

Find out more about the Actionable Leadership Program for SME Owners, CEOs, MDs, and GMs.

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