Role of SME CEO / MD

Many SMEs become a “one man army” where the Owner /CEO /MD gets himself / herself involved in every little decision and action. Even worse, some end up micro-managing all staff. One major reason is that the role of CEO / Owner / MD’s role in not fully understood. Instead of creating a shared purpose, articulating values, formulating a strategy, building a business model and developing a passionate team, most SME Owners rely on their own skills and technical knowledge to run the business. There is a severe need in SMEs to redefine the role of the Owner/MD.

We take the SME Owner / CEO /MD through a rigorous “role redefinition” process. We gather information about their skills set, time application and work values. We then analyze the data, compare them with leading benchmarks, and craft a new role fully aligned with company mission and strategy.

Key Responsibilities of an SME Owner / CEO / MD:

  • Mission & Vision:
  • First, set company mission and create a vision of future.
  • Values & Culture:
  • Second, put foundation of a values driven culture. Explicitly articulating beliefs and expected behaviors.
  • Corporate Strategy:
  • Third, to formulate a competitive strategy aligned with the company mission and vision.
  • Business Model:
  • Fourth, to build a business model that reinforces the strategy. Following are the building blocks of a business model:
Customer Segments
Value Proposition
Customer Relationships
Revenue Streams
Functional Capabilities
Key Resources
Cost Structure
Key Activities
Key Partnerships
Decision Rights
Capital Allocation


  • Building a Team:
  • Fifth, build and retain a team of talented, passionate, humble and resilient, and committed team.
  • Performance Management:
  • Sixth, Practice Differentiation. Foster a culture of meritocracy based on a fair performance management system.
  • Learning Organization:
  • Seventh, make “learning a new way every day” a way of life in your company.

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