Profit Maximization

Profitability is everyone’s business. Every business has hidden opportunities to improve profit. We uncover those for you by putting the following proven methodologies:

  • Analyze every area of gross profit to understand where the biggest opportunities lie and to determine how to reduce less profitable activities.
  • Copmare WACC vs. ROI and improve capital efficiency.
  • Systematically analyze Key Performance Indicators and trends to identify potential hazards before they become a problem.
  • Review pricing arrangements with existing suppliers and research alternative suppliers across all areas of the business.
  • Develop effective incentive schemes for staff to encourage productivity and to manage risk.
  • Prepare customer surveys to understand what the market really wants (and then sell it to them).
  • Study competitors to find out what is working well and what isn’t and course correct accordingly.
  • Look for significant overheads and isolate opportunities to reduce expenditure.
  • Create a realistic and achievable action plan and communicate the action plan to all employees.
  • Breakdown profitability by isolating data by customer, product, revenue, geography etc. to gain full visibility.
  • Educate the Sr. team on the importance of Critical Success Factors (CSFs).
  • Ensure management information is up to date and in a format which is useful and reliable.