Revenue and Sales Acceleration

In many companies, revenue growth is considered the sole responsibility of the senior management. SMEs are no different, where the owner is only person stressed about growth. Few leaders in SMEs have clearly defined roadmap to sustainable and profitable revenue growth. However, it can be planned and executed in a much better way. By creating a shared sense of responsibility, SME leaders can get everyone engaged in the revenue growth agenda.

Positioning your company for growth is esier said than done. Increased complexities, cut throat competition, and everchanging economical, technological, political, and legal dynamics can pose very tough growth challenges for the SME leaders. Straxecute consulting has developed a 10 point system to deliver profitable and sustainable revenue growth to UAE SMEs

Our Revenue and Sales Growth consulting includes:

  • Culture:
  • Fostering a values driven culture where customer takes the center stage and revenue growth becomes a shared passion.
  • Motivating executive leaders, functional managers, and operating teams meet frequently, freely share ideas, and suggest ways to enhance customer value proposition.
  • Talent Management:
  • Designing tailored training programs to build powerful sales and customer relationship skills that reinforce your corporate culture and values.
  • Industry:
  • Industry Analysis, including segments, subsegments, growth trend, revenue and profitability drivers.
  • Competition:
  • Understanding competitive dynamics to establish your company’s relative position, points of differentiation for your products or service, and what customer problems do you define, prioritize and address better than the competitors in each product, service, or segment.
  • Customers:
  • Pinpointing customer/industry segments that represent greatest growth opportunities and their revenue forecast.
  • Planning Growth:
  • Formulating an effective growth plan based on the industry, customer, competitor, political, economics , legal, environmental, and IT analysis.
  • Business Model (Operations):
  • Review of your business model and key capabilities to asses your “Fit for Growth” status. Building or re-building key capabilities to support revenue growth.
  • Redesigning or upgrading your busienss (operating) model to create, deliver, and capture better value including robust processes, IT, people, accountabilities, decision rights, communnication, logistics etc…
  • Sales Enablement:
  • Aligning marketing & sales with revenue growth strategy with segment specific sales strategy, sales channles, sales force effectiveness, target setting, sales KPIs and compensation.
  • Sales Analytics and Performance Review:
  • Institute a system of sales and revenue growth reviews.
  • Develop NPS (Net Promoter Scorces) and other measures to assess how your customers rate your products and services.
  • Incoporate customer feedback in your planning and execution suggest ways to consitnuously enhance customer experience at all touch points.