Strategy and Business Model

Developing a competitive strategy is critical to the success of any company and SMEs are no different. But most SMEs don’t have a formal mechanism of annual strategy sessions where key business leaders scan the competitive landscape in the their industry, and adjust course of action. Companies get disconnected from the macro-economic, political, environmental, and technological realities. Their decisions and actions are based on invalid assumptions and outdated information. Slow or no growth coupled with thinner profit margins are the least of the damages. Long term consequences can be more adverse.

While strategy is about making choices about where you are going to play and how you are going to win, a business model is about how you are going to create and capture value for stakeholders. Aligning business model with strategy is fundamental to deliver results. Most companies are unable to differentiate the two and therefore can’t produce a compelling customer value proposition.

We help SME Owners / CEOs / MDs build winning strategies. Strategy consulting is done over 10 executive sessions with the senior management team of SMEs. To us strategy is not just a plan. Our proven strategy and business model building services are tailored to your needs and delivers sustained growth to your SME. We work with you to identify potential opportunities where you can out execute your competition.

Our Strategy consulting includes:

  • 3 Priorities of Strategy:
  • Proven methodology learned from one of the world’s best CEOs.
  • Scanning the Playing Field:
  • Understanding your industry. Who knows what you need to know.
  • Competitive Dynamics:
  • What others are doing and what have you been doing? Zero in on recent moves by your key competitors.
  • Looking Ahead
  • What’s around the next corner? Are there early signs of economic cycle shifts, political or environmental moves, technological trends etc.
  • Your Next Move:
  • How are you going to create a better value proposition in light of the up to date intelligence about your industry, competition, political, economical, environmental, technological and legal facts?
  • Strategy Checklist:
  • Critical checklist to keep your strategy formulation on track.

Our Business Model consulting includes:

Customer Segments – Value Proposition – Channels – Customer Relationships – Revenue Streams – Functional Capabilities
Key Resources – Cost Structure – Key Activities – Key Partnerships – Decision Rights – Accountabilities – Capital Allocation

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