Emotional Intelligence in SMEs

Successful business leaders posses high EQ. They understand how emotions affect humans. Whether its their employees, customers, vendors, or any other stakeholders, learning and mastering Emotional Intelligence have a profound effect on the top and bottom line business results. However, most SME Owners never get enough time to learn the essentials of Emotional Intelligence and never enjoy the rewards it offers. We can help.

Straxecute has a unique method of coaching SME Owners the art and science of Emotional Intelligence. Learned form the Guru of Emotional Intelligence “Daniel Goleman”, we conduct a series of 5 learning sessions that include case studies, videos, group discussions, expert advice and assessments. As a result, SME Leaders acquire practical EI know-how as well tools that they can quickly apply in their companies and see immediate results.

11 key results include:

  • Self Awareness:
  • Deep knowledge of yourself. Understating own beliefs, values , emotions, fear, joy, strengths, weaknesses, ambitions and how they affect others.
  • Self Regulation: 
  • Ability to control and manage harmful impulses and maintaining composure.
  • Motivation:
  • Passionately loving work and achievements for their own sake.
  • Empathy:
  • Being sensitive to others moods, feelings and situations.
  • Social Skills:
  • Building positive relationships and trust with others by communication, dealings, and interactions and be able to mobilize them for collective good.
  • Attunement:
  • Active listening. Giving full attention to the other person or group. Being cognizant of their moods.
  • Inspiration:
  • Create and communicate a powerful vision, foster a sense of collective pride, instill a positive emotional tone, and bring out the best in people.
  • Influence:
  • Persuade others by objective and rational discussions, keeping their interests in mind, and gathering support from key players.
  • Teamwork:
  • Taking everyone along by unifying their thinking and getting buy in on deliverables. Emphasizing their importance and contribution to success.
  • Organizational Awareness:
  • Understand and adjust to your environment, culture and values. Understand unspoken traditions and norms beyond the apparent rules.
  • Developing Others:
  • Ability to turn each and every encounter with your employee into a development session constantly upgrading their skills and reinforcing positive behavior.

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Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Emotional Intelligence can be learned and improved. Business leaders around the world are becoming more emotionally intelligent and driving corporate performance for sustainable profitability...
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