Total Talent Management – for SMEs

Managing people is different than managing numbers. In the ever changing world of business, new products & services, technological & social media trends, political, legal and economic shifts demand continuous investment in a company’s human capital. Research has proved time and again the direct connection between an organization’s human capital and its’ profitability. Businesses that fail to understand this connection mismanage talent and are consistently outperformed by the competition. They pay too much for recruiting and retaining the right talent and end up having more quantity than quality of people. Their revenue and profit per employee are out of line. And chances are, they have lower overall employee satisfaction. We have designed our people-solutions to address all aspects of managing human capital. Our Total Talent Management solution will transform your people philosophy. We will build a central HR architecture to select, develop, deploy, assess, reward, and retain the best talent and :

Total Talent Management – Standard Program for SMEs
Value Added Services – Measureable Results

  • Formulating and Communicating HR Strategic Vision.
  • Developing a Corporate Code of Conduct.
  • Preparing HR Policies, Procedures and Processes.
  • Establishing a Performance Management and Compensation Structure.
  • Building HR KPIs, Budget, Analysis & Reports.
  • Implementing Quarterly and Annual Talent Review Sessions.
  • Forming Employee Development Program.